About Us

We are a small independent publisher dedicated to creating beautiful books for children. Inspired by nature, and the magic of imagination, our books truly embrace the wonder of childhood.

Our aim is to start small, and grow organically, publishing quality titles that children will want to return to time and time again. For it is these stories, the ones we relish as a child, that stay with us throughout life, shaping our future in wonderful and mysterious ways!

With the environment in mind, all our books are printed on environmentally responsible paper, and printed locally in Australia. We operate on a small scale, with a big heart, and your support is greatly appreciated!

Rachel Larmer - Creative Director and Author

Rachel has been writing stories since she was a young child, and even back then she remembers being inspired by the natural world and the magic that exists just beyond the edges of everyday life.

Whilst studying Psychology at university, she became interested in child development and went on to form an affinity with Rudolf Steiner Education. It was here she found renewed inspiration from the rich tradition of storytelling to craft her words into beautiful children’s books.

With the creation of her first book, Wish Soup And Other Seasonal Tales, Rachel set up her small press business, Gold Blossom Books, before going on to create her second title, Tales From The Whispering Forest. 



Our Illustrators

Jo Lory

Jo was born in New Zealand and spent a lot of time climbing oak trees, playing in the wilderness garden, making up songs, and of course drawing. Growing up on a farm nurtured her love for the land, animals, and birds.

At university she completed a Fine Arts degree before travelling overseas and working in Australia. Now she lives in the ACT and has three sons. 

Wish Soup is her first collection of illustrations for children.


Bree Haxell

Bree is an aspiring artist with a long history of creative endeavors. She completed her Masters of Interior and Industrial Design in Florence, Italy, and continues to develop her skills across a wide range of disciplines. She draws her inspirations from the wild, and has spent many years traveling and living abroad.

While formally trained in Design, painting and drawing has always been the foundation of Bree’s life. Although she has not had any formal arts training, she has had a number of invaluable mentors along the way. She has held two exhibitions in Sydney and has exhibited her work in numerous galleries.

She is a maker of many crafts, a beekeeper, ceramicist, avid gardener, and a passionate mother of one.

Tales From The Whispering Forest is her first publication.