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Tales From The Whispering Forest

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Running through the heart of The Whispering Forest is a stream; a wandering stream that slips, and slides, and bends, and tumbles...

Follow the call of Mother Nature and step inside The Whispering Forest - a place where secrets and songs drift on the breeze; where fairies and whispers dance through the trees. Meet Father Sun and Mother Moon; hear a golden harp play a delicate tune. Search for a gnome, or gaze at the sky, as the stars whisper secrets from days gone by. Meet animal friends while you sit by the stream, in this wondrous place that feels like a dream.

These 7 enchanting tales sing playfully from the page, with a rhythm perfect for little ears. Snuggle up close, and let the magic of the Australian bush fill your heart.

“Rachel’s rhyming words and wholesome stories bring the whispers of nature right into the pages of this wonderful book.” - Susan Perrow